Hollywood Blvd, near Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Area Museums

Augment Your Hollywood Tours

Our Hollywood tours show you what others don’t, but there’s even more to do when visiting Hollywood. One aspect you may want to explore are our varied museums. There are several museums in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. Here are a few examples:

  1. The Hollywood Museum: Located in the historic Max Factor Building, the Hollywood Museum showcases the history of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, featuring exhibits on stars from the silent era to modern times.
  2. Museum of Broken Relationships: This unique museum is dedicated to the artifacts of failed relationships, with exhibits ranging from love letters and photographs to wedding dresses and furniture.
  3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Hollywood: This museum features a collection of oddities and curiosities, including shrunken heads, a two-headed calf, and a portrait of Jimi Hendrix made entirely out of chewing gum.
  4. The Petersen Automotive Museum: While not technically located in Hollywood, the Petersen Automotive Museum is a short drive away and is worth a visit for car enthusiasts. The museum features a collection of classic and exotic cars, as well as exhibits on automotive history and design.
  5. The Hollywood Wax Museum: This museum features lifelike wax figures of celebrities from Hollywood’s past and present, as well as interactive exhibits and photo opportunities.

There are many other museums and cultural institutions in the broader Los Angeles area, so if you have the time and interest, there’s plenty to explore beyond Hollywood as well!

Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum is located in the historic Max Factor Building at 1660 N. Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California. The museum was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to preserving the history of the entertainment industry.

The museum has four floors of exhibits, featuring over 10,000 authentic showbiz treasures, including costumes, props, photographs, scripts, and other memorabilia from classic films and TV shows. Some of the most notable exhibits include the original jail cell from “The Andy Griffith Show,” the Hannibal Lecter jail cell from “The Silence of the Lambs,” the original costumes from “The Wizard of Oz,” and Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress from “The Seven Year Itch.”

The Hollywood Museum is divided into several sections, including the Max Factor Makeup Room, which showcases the history of makeup in Hollywood, and the Hollywood Legends section, which features memorabilia from Hollywood’s Golden Age. The museum also has a special section dedicated to the history of horror movies, with props and costumes from classic horror films such as “Dracula” and “Frankenstein.”

In addition to its exhibits, the Hollywood Museum also hosts special events, such as film screenings, book signings, and panel discussions with industry insiders. The museum is open to the public every day except for major holidays.

Overall, the Hollywood Museum is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the history of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Blvd, near Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Blvd, near Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum is a museum located in Hollywood, California that features wax sculptures of famous celebrities and historical figures. It was founded in 1965 by Spoony Singh, and is one of the longest-running wax museums in the United States.

The museum features over 100 wax figures, including movie stars, pop culture icons, and political figures. Some of the most popular figures on display include Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Beyoncé, and President Barack Obama. The museum is also known for its interactive exhibits, which allow visitors to pose for photos with their favorite wax figures.

In addition to the Hollywood location, there are also Hollywood Wax Museums in Branson, Missouri and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The museum in Hollywood is located on Hollywood Boulevard, near other popular tourist destinations like the Walk of Fame and the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Whether before or after your tour of Hollywood with Star Track Tours, check out one or more of Hollywood’s fabulous museums!



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