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Beverly Hills tours are designed to delight. And why not? If you’ve ever wanted to see how all those famous stars live, there’s no better way than to hop on a Star Track Tours bus and join us as we tour the mansions of the rich and famous. Welcome to Star Track Tours! The freshest approach to seeing stars in the City of Angels. Not only do we offer the very best Beverly Hills Tour during the day, but we are the ONLY Celebrity Tour in Hollywood that offers night star tours as well. Make sure you’re in the middle of the action when the stars come out when the sun goes down! Secure a seat on Star Track Tours now to ensure you don’t miss the celebrity sighting of a lifetime.

Star Track Tours is the premiere Celebrity Tour Beverly Hills that guides you through Tinseltown to uncover all of the celebrities you’re dying to see up close and personal. Call Star Track Tours today : (310) 905-7145

We took the old, humdrum Beverly Hills tours and made them more interactive and star-studded.

– Our 32” TVs take you inside the stars’ homes as Star Track Tours takes you by their spectacular mansions
– Night Time Tours available for those that want to see first hand what happens when the lights go down in the City of Angels
– State-of-the-art, open-top, Star Tracker Vehicles ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action

From understated elegance to opulence befitting royalty, it’s all here in world-famous Beverly Hills, California. Beverly Hills is set apart from the vast expanse of Los Angeles and, as its own city, it has a character and reputation all its own. It’s been synonymous with luxury and the entertainment industry for decades. Indeed, stars flocked here even during the Silent Movie era when Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks built their famed Pickfair here. The city has continued to attract celebrities to this day including Justin Beiber, Al Pacino and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.

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Jump on Star Track Tours today and get on the fast-track to witnessing celebrities in their element!

Sure there are a ton of other Celebrity Beverly Hills Tours, but the majority are outdated, overpriced and don’t offer the flexibility and authenticity that Star Track Tours offers. Forget the Star Maps of decades ago, beam aboard Star Track Tours today and get on the fast track to witnessing stardom in real time.

Join the #1 Beverly Hills Tour – the “New Hollywood Celebrity Home Tour” is bigger and better than ever before. Our energetic and pop-culture-savvy tour guides take you on the most comprehensive guided tour of Beverly hills and Hollywood. Visit the most sought-after celebrity zip codes on the globe, tour the palm-tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills and see the sets on which your most beloved films have been shot. This is truly the future of Beverly Hills Tours. Let us take you to a place few have gone before. Star Track Tours is here to bring you to the doorsteps of the rich and famous.

Day or Night Tours of Beverly Hills

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Our daytime Beverly Hills tours include a look at the homes of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Bruno Mars, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Jason Statham, Quentin Tarantino, Ringo Starr, Beverly House, home from Ironman, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Peter Falk, and Rosemary Clooney. Cruise done the Sunset Strip to see historic Rock-n-Roll venues in our roofless luxury van.

Our nighttime bus tours of Beverly Hills include the homes of Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, the Playboy Mansion, Ellen DeGeneres, the Aaron Spelling Mansion and Estate.

The Highest Rated Beverly Hills Tour In Los Angeles

L.A. is one of the most celebrated and tourist-friendly cities in the world. It’s chcock full of glamor, famous tales and the greated number of celebrities iun the world. Star Track Tours has the scoop on which properties of the rich and famous have just been bought or sold, where the stars like to hang out and parts of Beverly Hills where you are most likely to get to see your favorite movie and TV stars. Based in Hollywood, CA right in the middle of Tinseltown on Hollywood Blvd, Star Track Tours is the wolrd champ when it comes to celebrity sightings in Beverly Hills.

Palm tree lined street in Beverly Hills, CA

Palm tree lined street in Beverly Hills, CA

We’re Beverly Hills’ Favorite Bus Tour! See What Our Customers Say!

Star Track Tours
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05:47 18 Nov 22
Jimmy’s jokes are not funny, 30% of the information he provides is false, if you can ask for another driver that would be awesome
Anand BAnand B
12:20 06 Oct 22
Star Track Tours is really great!! I was there in September 24, 2022 and my guide was DJ. Superb! I cant tell you from the words. It was really really great. I really enjoy!!! My tour plan ticket charge was 39 usd but I enjoy it more than double. Because my tour guide was DJ. He is superb. Know everything, funny, you cant stop enjoy continue from start to end. Next time I will definitely go with DJ. Other wise I will not take tour.Thanks DJ. It was great memorable for us.
Dorrie LDorrie L
19:24 13 Sep 22
Thoroughly enjoyed two hour tour with Star Track Tours. Our tour guide was DJ! He kept the tour fun, interactive, and entertaining. We were able to see areas where celebrities live, as well as some of their homes. I will say, do not expect to see past the gate of the majority of these homes, as there is security on duty. With this tour you will not make any stops to get out and take pictures, but our tour guide DJ did a great job of creeping slowly past houses for us to try and catch a glimpse.Overall this tour was a great segway into our visit, as it allowed us to see other areas for us to explore later such as, Beverly Hills, the shops and restaurants on and near Rodeo Drive. So I highly recommend this tour at the beginning of your visit to Los Angeles.The price for the tour was pretty reasonable. Though I can't guarantee their promotional pricing and scheduling, we were able to get a good deal booking through our hotel concierge.Keep in mind, you may have a different tour guide, so this rating is based on our experience with tour guide DJ who was phenomenal, entertaining, and knowledgeable. He really showed a passion for what he does and a passion for the people he encounters!
Kimberly SoutherlandKimberly Southerland
04:14 15 Aug 22
So fun!! We had DJ for our driver and did the 7pm tour - and I recommend both! The sunset views of the city were beautiful. We saw some cool places, learned a few things and laughed along the way!
Kitty BKitty B
15:36 05 Dec 20
Dj is a very friendly and informative guide. The tour and guide is quite entertaining. It's fun to see the houses but really the view of the hollywood sign and city are awesome.
Anabel CuencoAnabel Cuenco
05:25 17 Nov 17
We had a wonderful time with DJ as our tour guide . He was full of energy, extremely knowledgeable, and an absolute riot. Tour was a little over 2 hours but I felt it was the perfect, condensed way to see Hollywood when you're pressed for time , or if you're looking for a big overview before you delve in and want to visit things in detail. We were able to book our tour through my credit card rewards program which came out roughly to about $30/pp. It appears the full rate is about $50pp, which I do feel is pretty pricey, but not too different from similar tours that are offered. DJ helped to make our 2 hours fly by, and I can't say that all the other tour buses would have a guide that would give you that kind of experience . Here's a breakdown of a few things to expect -Parking - for those of you visiting Hollywood for the first time ..this business does NOT have a store front that has parking for customers , and meters on the street only go up to two hours which is not enough for this tour considering u must show up early and may very well return later. I strongly recommend parking at Hollywood and highland shopping center parking structure and just paying the day rate ($15 at the time we went ) so you can enjoy your tour worry free of your car being towed or being slapped with a fine .Point person/location - you literally are just meeting this person wearing the company logo and carrying flyers at this Google map point, which is right in front of the wingz restaurant. There is nothing else really to indicate that this is the meeting point . This was not something I'm used to and it felt a little sketchy, but the point person was very sweet and was happy to answer any questions and I was happy to know everything was legit . Down side is since there is no storefront , you must use the restroom at one of the surrounding businesses . Tour does not really stop except near Hollywood sign for photos, and even then I don't recall seeing a restroom , so be sure to empty your bladder prior to departure .Bus/van-. Van is covered but depending on the sun , you may still get burnt since the sides are wide open . Wear sun protection. Van was not filthy, but could've used a good vacuuming . Was decent enough and comfortable considering tours go back to back which is not an easy feat in LA traffic.Pacing - depending on traffic and security, you will see sites at varying distances , for varying amounts of time . Some sites are not accessible and can only be seen from the other side of the mountain , whereas others you may park right in front of. It varies so be flexible and bring binoculars if you're interested in seeing the homes of Kim k, Gwen Stefani, ice t and Coco, been Stiller , sly Stallone , and the Kardashians just to name a few because they are waaay far away. I didn't mind it because we saw plenty of other famous sites up close to make up for it . Driving was a little fast at times for our comfort , but quite typical of southern California .Humor - I noticed someone had criticized the tour guide's humor , but I can honestly say DJ was absolutely hilarious and threw in just the perfect amount of innuendos to keep us chuckling . If youre extremely conservative and sensitive , this won't be the tour for you ... Then again , Hollywood altogether may not be for you either to be honest!Gratuity- our tickets did indicate that gratuity was not included, but recommended , as did our tour guide. I'm not a huge fan of this as I believe cover charge should account for that, but I didn't find DJ to be pushy about it at all and thought he did a great job so our family did give him a small tip which he appreciated.
Beverly Hills retail shops

Beverly Hills retail shops

Shopping of the Rich and Famous

World-Famous Rodeo Drive a Must-See

Visit the famed Rodeo Drive on our Beverly Hills Tour. Our guests will be guided through the palm-lined avenues of the world-famous Rodeo Drive to see the stores where the rich and famous shop. Including Bijan, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Harry Winston Jewelers, as well as the Beverly Wilshire Hotel featured in the movie “Pretty Woman.”

Get your flash finger ready to click up a storm
Get your smart phones and cameras ready.
Enjoy getting some sun with friends and family.
Prepare yourself for a star-studded adventure of a lifetime.

Trust Star Track Tours to make your trip to Tinseltown a memorable one. Our guided Beverly Hills Tour is the best in the industry and our clients can vouch for us. Don’t get swayed by other outdated and lame star tours. We pay attention to the latest trends and hot spots. Start living your life in the limelight with Star Track Tours of Beverly Hills.

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From the Beverly Hills Hotel head east on Sunset Blvd. Take that through West Hollywood to Crescent Heights and turn left. Take Crescent Heights to Hollywood Blvd and turn right. Proceed on Hollywood Blvd to Star Track Tours at 6735 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.