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Star Track Tours is proud to offer the best tours of Hollywood, celebrity homes, landmarks and more. For visitors to any area of Southern California, we are the #1 choice for fun. All you have to do is sit back, watch and enjoy!

Star Track Tours boasts the newest, safest (and funnest) tour buses to make your tour with us the best possible. We love to showcase the cities we know best like Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.


Hollywood scarcely needs an introduction, but this portion of greater L.A. was once farmland and lemon groves (even until the time of Charlie Chaplin). The first humble dwelling was put up in the 1850s and by the 1890s speculators like Harvey Wilcox (whose name is preserved on one of our streets) and H.J. Whitley developed the area into a real estate subdivision. Over the years this famous Southern California icon has become home to several movie studios such as Paramount, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. It is the entertainment capital of the world and music industry icons like Capitol Records make their home here.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an oft-visited tourist destination for many reasons, but more prosaically it is the third largest U.S. city by population. Los Angeles—or L.A. as we call it—was founded by Spanish explorers and missionaries on September 4, 1781. This was done under the auspices of Felipe de Neve, the Spanish governor of the area. The area now known as Los Angeles was originally and Indian village called Yaanga. L.A. is home to some famous sports franchises such as the Los Angeles Dodgers who are perennial pennant contenders and the Los Angeles Rams football team who were recent Super Bowl champs.

Beverly Hills

Just a stone’s throw from Hollywood, and just as famous, is Beverly Hills. Originally native American land, under Spain and Mexico it was a rancho known as Rodeo de las Aguas. Burton Green (look for Burton Drive when you’re here) developed the land in 1907 and was incorporated as the City of Beverly Hills in 1914. As film stars moved west during the Silent Era, they quickly gravitated to this city and many bought or built homes here including Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Nowadays tourists flock to locations like Rodeo Drive or the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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