Jay Leno seen on Hollywood tour

Do You Really See Stars On A Hollywood Tour?

Bus Tours of Hollywood May Surprise You!

Our Hollywood tours show you a lot of famous sites like the Chinese Theater or the Walk of Fame, but visitors to Hollywood always want to know, “am I going to see a famous person if I take your tour?” The short answer is—maybe. It may come down to luck but it’s also a matter of statistics. More celebrities live in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area so there’s a much higher chance that you’re going to see a star on one of our tours of Hollywood than, say, in Bismark, North Dakota. That’s just a fact.

Also, most of our tours take place during the day and specifically in the afternoons. Now think. What do a lot of celebrities like to do during the day? Have lunch! Odds are in your favor that you might catch a glimpse of a star driving to or from one of Hollywood’s famous eateries like Musso & Frank (highly recommended, by the way). Our Hollywood tours buses are on the roads showing you many of the star’s homes and that’s also a prime place to see someone famous. After all, they do have to pull in and out of their driveways to get where they’re going, just like you and us. And many is the time our bus has pulled up to a stop light only to find someone famous in the lane next to us. That’s where our open windows really shine.

Need proof? Well, on one of our most recent tours, who should pull up next to us but Jay Leno! The former Tonight Show host lives in the area and can often be seen driving one of his many automobiles. We’ve seen him in his 1909 White steam car. On this particular occasion, however, he was just driving a regular (21st century) car. We don’t think our passengers cared too much—they were too busy snapping photos of their brush with fame.\

Jay Leno seen on Hollywood tour

Jay Leno seen on Hollywood tour

While it’s not guaranteed you’ll see someone noteworthy on our bus tours of Hollywood, you never know, and that makes it all the more exciting. We love it when we do get to see someone famous because it makes our customers’ day and it’s something they’ll be able to take back home with them and share with friends. It’s one of the reasons we do what we do.

Want to see stars? Hop on a Star Track tour and keep your fingers crossed because you never know!


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