Star creation process on Walk of Fame Hollywood sign tour

Hollywood Walk of Fame Tour: A Star Is Born

Here Stars Are Made. Literally.

A tour of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame shows us an enduring symbol of achievement, recognition, and stardom in the entertainment industry. For decades, the iconic sidewalk has served as a tribute to the most illustrious figures in film, television, music, theater, and radio, immortalizing their contributions to the world of entertainment. Behind each star embedded in the pavement lies a fascinating journey of selection, nomination, approval, and installation. In this exploration, we delve into the intricate process of how stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame are created, shedding light on the meticulous steps and criteria involved in honoring the brightest talents of the silver screen.

  1. The Genesis of the Walk of Fame: A Tribute to Hollywood’s Glittering Legacy

The concept of the Hollywood Walk of Fame originated in the 1950s as a visionary project aimed at celebrating the rich cultural heritage and legacy of Hollywood’s entertainment industry. Conceived by E.M. Stuart, the president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the idea was to create a permanent monument that would honor the most influential and iconic figures in the world of entertainment. Inspired by the popularity of sidewalk dedications in other cities, Stuart envisioned a grand promenade adorned with stars bearing the names of luminaries from film, television, music, and beyond. In 1958, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was officially established, marking the beginning of a tradition that would captivate the imagination of millions around the globe.

  1. Nomination and Selection Process: Honoring Excellence and Achievement

The journey of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame begins with the nomination and selection process, which is overseen by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Walk of Fame Selection Committee. Nominations can be submitted by anyone, including fans, industry professionals, and even the celebrities themselves, provided they meet certain eligibility criteria. To be considered for a star, nominees must have made significant contributions to the fields of film, television, music, theater, or radio, with a minimum of five years of professional experience. Additionally, nominees must demonstrate a commitment to philanthropy and community service, as evidenced by their charitable endeavors and contributions to society.

Once a nomination is received, it undergoes a rigorous review process by the Selection Committee, which evaluates the nominee’s achievements, impact, and cultural significance. Nominees who meet the criteria are then approved for inclusion on the Walk of Fame, joining the ranks of Hollywood’s most esteemed luminaries. The selection process is highly competitive, with only a limited number of stars awarded each year, ensuring that each honoree represents the pinnacle of excellence and achievement in their respective fields.

  1. Sponsorship and Funding: Investing in Hollywood’s Cultural Legacy

Once a nominee is approved for inclusion on the Walk of Fame, the next step is securing sponsorship and funding for the star’s installation and maintenance. Each star on the Walk of Fame is sponsored by a nominating entity, which is responsible for covering the costs associated with the star’s creation, installation, and ongoing upkeep. Sponsors can include individuals, fan clubs, production companies, record labels, and other organizations with a vested interest in honoring the nominee and preserving their legacy for future generations.

The cost of sponsoring a star on the Walk of Fame varies depending on various factors, including the location of the star, the prominence of the nominee, and the prevailing market rates for construction and maintenance services. Sponsors typically incur expenses related to the fabrication of the star plaque, the installation of the star in the sidewalk, and the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the surrounding area. In return for their sponsorship, sponsors receive recognition and publicity, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they have played a role in immortalizing a beloved figure in the annals of Hollywood history.

  1. Design and Fabrication: Bringing Stars to Life in Brass and Terrazzo

Once sponsorship and funding are secured, the design and fabrication process for the star can begin. Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are crafted from brass and embedded in terrazzo, a durable composite material that is well-suited for outdoor installations. The star plaque features the honoree’s name engraved in capital letters, along with an emblem representing their respective field of entertainment (e.g., a camera for film, a microphone for music). The design of the star plaque is standardized to maintain consistency and uniformity across the Walk of Fame, ensuring that each star is instantly recognizable and aesthetically pleasing.

Making Charlie Chaplin's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame tour

Making Charlie Chaplin’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame tour

The fabrication process typically begins with the creation of a custom template based on the dimensions and specifications of the star plaque. Skilled artisans then use specialized tools and techniques to engrave the honoree’s name and emblem onto the brass surface of the plaque, taking care to ensure precision and accuracy in every detail. Once the engraving is complete, the plaque is carefully affixed to a precast terrazzo slab, which serves as the base for the star’s installation in the sidewalk.

Star creation process on Walk of Fame Hollywood sign tour

Star creation process on Walk of Fame Hollywood sign tour

  1. Installation and Dedication: A Moment of Celebration and Commemoration

With the star plaque fabricated and ready for installation, the final step is to prepare the site and conduct a formal dedication ceremony to commemorate the honoree’s induction onto the Walk of Fame. The location of the star’s installation is determined in advance by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and typically corresponds to a significant landmark or point of interest associated with the honoree’s career. The sidewalk is excavated and prepared to receive the star, with the terrazzo base set firmly in place to ensure stability and longevity.

The dedication ceremony is a momentous occasion that brings together fans, friends, family members, and industry colleagues to celebrate the honoree’s achievements and legacy. Dignitaries and VIPs may be invited to speak at the ceremony, offering heartfelt tributes and reminiscences about the honoree’s impact on their lives and careers. The star is unveiled amidst applause and fanfare, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in the pursuit of excellence. Following the ceremony, the star remains on display for all to admire and appreciate, serving as a lasting testament to the honoree’s enduring contributions to the world of entertainment.


The creation of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a meticulous and time-honored process that reflects the industry’s reverence for excellence, achievement, and cultural legacy. From the nomination and selection process to sponsorship, design, fabrication, installation, and dedication, each step in the journey of a star is imbued with significance and symbolism, honoring the brightest talents in film, television, music, theater, and radio. As new stars are added to the Walk of Fame and existing stars continue to shine brightly, the tradition endures as a timeless tribute to the enduring power of stardom and the enduring allure of Hollywood’s glittering legacy.

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