View of Hollywood from Highland Ave.

Doing Business in Hollywood

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Our community is not just about tourism and Hollywood bus tours, but like every other city the country, those who do business here do what they do to make a profit and a living. In addition to Star Track Tours, there are hundreds of other businesses in the Hollywood area from restaurants to car washes to legal firms. Star Track Tours is proud to be a member the city’s preeminent business and networking organization: the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is an organization that represents and promotes the interests of the Hollywood community, including businesses, residents, and individuals. It was established in 1921 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious chambers of commerce in the United States.

View of Hollywood from Highland Ave.

View of Hollywood from Highland Ave.

The Chamber’s mission is to promote and enhance the business and cultural interests of the Hollywood community. It does this through a wide range of programs and initiatives, including advocacy, networking, marketing, and community outreach.

Advocacy is a key focus of the Chamber. It works closely with local and state government officials to ensure that the interests of the Hollywood community are represented and protected. The Chamber also advocates for policies that promote economic growth and development in the area, such as tax incentives and infrastructure improvements.
Networking is another important function of the Chamber. It provides members with opportunities to connect with other business leaders and community stakeholders through regular events and programs. These events include networking mixers, business luncheons, and educational seminars.

Marketing is also a key activity of the Chamber. It promotes the Hollywood community through a variety of channels, including social media, advertising, and public relations. The Chamber also works to attract new businesses and residents to the area by highlighting the benefits of living and working in Hollywood.

Community outreach is another important focus of the Chamber. It works closely with local schools, nonprofits, and community organizations to support initiatives that promote education, health, and safety. The Chamber also sponsors and participates in a wide range of community events and festivals, including the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the Hollywood Farmers Market.

One of the most visible programs of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This iconic attraction honors the achievements of some of the most significant figures in entertainment history, from actors and musicians to directors and producers. The Chamber administers the Walk of Fame, which includes over 2,600 stars embedded in the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

The Chamber is also involved in a wide range of other programs and initiatives that support the Hollywood community. These include:

• The Hollywood Entertainment District, which is a public-private partnership that promotes tourism and economic development in the area.
• The Hollywood Film Office, which provides support to filmmakers and production companies who want to shoot in Hollywood.
• The Hollywood Economic Development Summit, which brings together business leaders and government officials to discuss economic development strategies for the Hollywood community.
• The Hollywood Business Improvement District, which is a business-led organization that provides services and programs to improve the cleanliness, safety, and overall appeal of the Hollywood community.

Overall, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in promoting and supporting the Hollywood community. Its programs and initiatives help to create a vibrant and thriving business and cultural environment in one of the most iconic and recognizable places in the world.

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