Hollywood tour bus

Hollywood Tour Company Launches Upgraded Fleet

Star Track Tours, a longtime Hollywood tour bus company announced the overhaul of their fleet of tour buses as of March 2023. The renovations and upgrades will provide even greater comfort for tourists wishing to view famous sights in Hollywood, take Beverly Hills tours or schedule private Los Angeles city tours.

Companies such as Star Track Tours rely on smaller mini buses to shuttle passengers around Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Star Track specifically uses modified Ford Transit Vans which seat 13 passengers. The rather low-profile vehicles with side windows removed allow tourists to take unobstructed photos of any landmark, celebrity home or point of interest while on the tour. A roof keeps out sun and rain. Over the years, with thousands of tourists opting to take sightseeing tours, interiors as well as exteriors tend to deteriorate. In a highly-competitive niche, tour operators like Star Track Tours must maintain their fleets to attract new customers and keep the positive reviews flowing on social media.

Star Track Tours has invested in new exterior artwork on all their buses as well as new upholstery for the seats. The vehicles have all received new vinyl wraps and the seats have been reupholstered in PU leather. The seats have all been re-cushioned, as well, making the ride even more comfortable for visitors. Regular maintenance is also performed on the vehicles’ engines, tires and other mechanical or electrical items.

Hollywood tour bus

Hollywood tour bus upgraded for comfort

Jeff Napshin, principal of Star Track Tours, emphasized the importance of the upgrades. “We have to be the best in everything so that people choose us instead of our competition. It’s not just the tours themselves and the sights people see. It’s the whole experience. That includes how our buses look and how clean and comfortable the seats are.” Napshin also alluded to the competitive nature of the Hollywood tours industry. “We all want those five-star reviews. It’s critical in this business. I don’t want someone saying the tour was fantastic—which it is—but the seats on the bus were worn out. It really does make a difference.”

About Star Track Tours

Star Track Tours is a Hollywood and Beverly Hills tours company founded in 2014. The company provides guided bus tours of Hollywood, celebrity homes and other points of interest in Southern California. It is based in Hollywood. The company’s website is https://www.startracktours.com.