Jeff spent over 20 years working as a TV news broadcaster from New York to Texas to Washington, DC. He also was a network correspondent covering President Obama at the White House. Now, he’s taken his passion for news and entertainment to Hollywood where he helped create Star Track – the only video based star tour. Over the past five years Jeff is proud to have developed a totally original and first-class Hollywood tour experience.

DJ is a talented actor featured on TV shows like CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. He’s also a motivational speaker and stand up comedian. DJ has studied with the Groundlings and performed at the Comedy Store. He eventually hopes to produce movies and tv shows. You’ll always know when you’re on a DJ tour with his incredible enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the entertainment industry.

Jimmy is a true ‘Trek’ fan! As a screenwriter he wrote nine episodes of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Voyager’ – more episodes than any freelance writer in ‘Star Trek’ history! He’s currently working on several new projects that he’s pitching to the networks and studios. You may see them on TV someday. Jimmy’s tours are one of a kind and he brings an exciting insiders look to Hollywood.

Nupeir is a movie and television actor climbing his way to stardom. You may have seen him in commercials for Nike, Nissan and Target. Or on TV shows like S.W.A.T. His enthusiasm for the entertainment industry makes his tours a fun and memorable ride.